Love statement earrings but have sensitive ears? Here's help....

Posted on February 10, 2016 by Formoi Accessories Inc.

You love your statement earrings, but not the redness and swelling that come after a full day of wearing them. Don’t despair – there are thousands of women around the world, suffering from sensitive skin, and if you’re one of them, this shouldn’t mean you’ll have to give up all your favorite earrings! Here’s how you can wear them without irritating your ears:

  1. Apply Vaseline or coconut oil

When your earlobes feel irritated, simply rub a drop or two of coconut oil or gently apply your Vaseline on the affected area – it will take care of the discomfort right away! You can also coat your earrings with Vaseline, which will prevent the problem from ever occurring. Coating the hooks will provide a barrier and protect your sensitive ears from irritation.

  1. Use clear nail polish

If you suspect you might be suffering from nickel allergy, coat your earrings with clear nail polish. The thin layer will be absolutely invisible, but will keep your earlobes from getting irritated. Or, alternatively, opt in for, the slightly more expensive, nickel-free earrings.

  1. Change the wires

If you’re always having problems with metal earrings, maybe you’re suffering from metal allergy. Change the wires of your favorite earrings with plastic “French” wire hooks – they’ll still look stunning and will help relieve the discomfort and keep your earlobes in good health.

  1. Opt in for the trendy geometric earrings

The geometric hoops in niobium are perfect for the ladies with sensitive ears and, what’s even greater, is that they’re currently the hottest trend around! The geometric earrings will most certainly help you make a bold and artsy statement, without irritating your sensitive ears any further.