Love statement earrings but have sensitive ears? Here's help....

Posted on February 10, 2016 by Formoi Accessories Inc.

You love your statement earrings, but not the redness and swelling that come after a full day of wearing them. Don’t despair – there are thousands of women around the world, suffering from sensitive skin, and if you’re one of them, this shouldn’t mean you’ll have to give up all your favorite earrings! Here’s how you can wear them without irritating your ears:

  1. Apply Vaseline or coconut oil

When your earlobes feel irritated, simply rub a drop or two of coconut oil or gently apply your Vaseline on the affected area – it will take care of the discomfort right away! You can also coat your earrings with Vaseline, which will prevent the problem from ever occurring. Coating the hooks will provide a barrier and protect your sensitive ears from irritation.

  1. Use clear nail polish

If you suspect you might be suffering from nickel allergy, coat your earrings with clear nail polish. The thin layer will be absolutely invisible, but will keep your earlobes from getting irritated. Or, alternatively, opt in for, the slightly more expensive, nickel-free earrings.

  1. Change the wires

If you’re always having problems with metal earrings, maybe you’re suffering from metal allergy. Change the wires of your favorite earrings with plastic “French” wire hooks – they’ll still look stunning and will help relieve the discomfort and keep your earlobes in good health.

  1. Opt in for the trendy geometric earrings

The geometric hoops in niobium are perfect for the ladies with sensitive ears and, what’s even greater, is that they’re currently the hottest trend around! The geometric earrings will most certainly help you make a bold and artsy statement, without irritating your sensitive ears any further.


How to expand the life of your beautiful jewellery

Posted on February 01, 2016 by Formoi Accessories Inc.

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Don’t you just hate it when your favorite jewellery starts fading or gets that weird, unappealing tint? Oxidation and time are the worst enemies of any jewellery and the only way to beat them is to take care of your collection from the moment you purchase your next accessory – here’s how:

  1. Clean it with toothbrush

Regular maintenance is essential. To clean your fine jewellery, use a toothbrush and mild soap – avoid any abrasive cleaners, which can damage the metal and the softer gems. Simply soak your jewellery in some warm soapy water for 10 minutes, then use a soft toothbrush to loosen any dirt that might have gathered around the prongs.

  1. Use a cloth bag

Don’t leave your jewellery out in the open to collect dust and dirt. Instead, invest in individual cloth bags and put your fine jewellery separately. Dumping your entire jewellery collection in one drawer can damage the individual pieces. Another quick tip: any pearl or opal jewellery should be kept in fabric, instead of plastic, as these need to “breathe” in order to look their best!

  1. Keep your perfumes away

Change your routine a bit, so you’ll always put your perfume before your jewellery. Perfumes, as well as any alcohol-based products, can destroy the gold and silver coating and ruin the appearance of your favorite accessories.

  1. Keep it dry

Avoid going to the bathroom or the shower, when you have your jewellery on – the water can damage the coating. Also, put away your jewelry, when you’re working out, as the sweat and perspiration can cause wear.

  1. Coat it

Coating your jewellery with clear nail polish is the single most effective way – apart from taking really good care of it – to extend the life of your jewellery collection. Apart from protecting the jewellery from wear, the nail polish will also prevent it from tarnishing and turning your skin green!


How to conquer your handbag clutter to save valuable time.

Posted on January 25, 2016 by Formoi Accessories Inc.

young women searching in handbag

Ever found yourself desperately digging through your handbag, trying to reach your wallet, car keys, or that special balm that makes your lips soft and plump? We all know that our handbags need to be light and portable (in fact, according to the American Chiropractic Association, your bag should not weigh more than 3 pounds!), and yet, most women complain of the chaos that rules their purses. Fear not, because we have prepared an extensive list of tips that will help you finally beat the chaos and learn how to keep your handbag organized at all times:

Buy some bags

It’s true that most handbags come with pockets and it’s also true that most of these pockets are so packed with make-up essentials that’s impossible to get the one product you need, when you need it. Invest in some small zipper pouches to keep the small things you need - like deodorant, lipstick or your nail file.

Regular maintenance

To make sure your purse is neatly organized, you need to do a weekly cleaning. No matter how you try to keep your belongings organized throughout the day, chances are that chaos would have taken over your handbag by the end of the week. Set some time apart to de-clutter your handbag - it could be during the evenings, while you’re cooking dinner, or unwinding with a movie in front of the TV.

Deal with the receipts and coupons

Receipts are the main enemy of the organized handbag. To beat them, use a container - a pouch or even the pocket of your bag - and make sure you put every receipt you’re given, there. Tend to them on the day of your weekly maintenance to ensure all receipts are out of the handbag and in your receipt file.

Take only what you need

As already mentioned, it’s important that your handbag does not weigh more than 3 pounds. In fact, it’s best if you alternate the weight of your purse between your two shoulders throughout the day. To ensure that your handbag isn’t causing you health problems, however, try to limit the things you take. Do you really need 5 shades of lipstick and a body lotion with you every time you go out? Sit down and make a list of the things you really use during the day, and take only those. If you still find that your bag is heavier than it’s good for you, consider investing in travel size cosmetics and beauty products - their small sizes won’t overwhelm your bag and are easy to store.

Group things together

The best way to ensure you can always find what you need is to organize your handbag by gathering up items together. All of your makeup and accessories can go into a compartment, while your business cards can be stored in another pocket. Any food, snacks or gum should also be packed in a separate bag, so you won’t have to deal with bits of granola or food all over your keys and wallet.

Be smart about your headphones and chargers

Finding your headphones in a cluttered handbag can be a nightmare. Keep them, and your phone charger in a sunglasses case - this will help keep your purse organized, and will also make finding things incredibly easy.

Think about the things you use on an everyday basis: your smartphone, your wallet, keys and sunglasses need to be in plain sight. When you’re done with organizing your handbag, just put them in - when everything else is separated and neatly organized, finding your daily essentials will be easier than ever.